Les orchidées de l'Alsace et des Vosges

The new book "Les orchidées de l'Alsace et des Vosges", by my friend naturalist and photographer Michel Gissy, was published by Vandelles / Belvédère editions in October 2017.

Livre Sur les pas des ours - Couverture Livre Sur les pas des grands singes - Couverture Livre Sur les pas des grands félins - Couverture

Geneviève Hamelin, librarian, is passionated by nature and wildlife. She works with the "Animals Asia" french support group as a secretary and webmaster and supports other animal protection associations.

These three books, of the "Understand and Protect" collection, about bears, great apes and big cats, are an invitation to discover these wild animals as well as the threats which weigh upon them. She describes their natural environment, draws attention to the dangers they face and portraits the defenders of these animals. Discover the wonderful photos displayed in these books.
Geneviève Hamelin is also the author of a web site dedicated to the bears (www.surlespasdesours.fr).

Sauvagine Book

The new book "Sauvagine d'Alsace et d'Ailleurs"(wildlife of Alsace and elsewhere) was written in French by my Alsatian friend Michel Gissy, journalist, now retired, naturalist and wildlife photographer. Michel visited Quebec in June 2000 to take pictures for this book. To complete the iconography Michel also visited Colorado, Wyoming and other places in North America, Kenya and Tanzania, Spain and, of course, various parts of Alsace, a province he knows so well.
The book was published in June 2010 by COPRUR publishers (www.editions-coprur.fr)

Raccoons Don't Use Spoons
Raccon Book

J.B. Pollack is a journalist. She wrote about the book published by Sharon Hanzik:
"Sharon is a ranger at Brazos Bend State Park since 24 years. She is intimately familiar with raccoons, one of the park's most wily creatures. That, coupled with her penchant for poetry, was the spark that lit the fire for Raccoons Don't Use Spoons, her first book."
The large, colorful paperback is illustrated by Bobbi Switzer and teaches children that wild animals are just that: wild.
For information, please contact the autor at mysharona@consolidated.net.