Over the years, Philippe Henry had photos printed in magazines, books, newspapers, tourist brochures, company reports. Many others were used as posters, postcards, advertisements.

Some of Philippe's clients are:


  • Oceania News and Features LTD (New Zealand)
  • Saudi Research Asharq al Awsat (Saudi Arabia)
  • Paris Natural History Museum (France)
  • Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado USA)
  • Reader's Digest (USA)
  • Brigitte Bardot Foundation (France)
  • WWF Austria
  • Atlantic Canada Adventures (Canada)
  • Trees for Life (Scotland)

  • Washington Post (USA)
  • The Hindu (India)
  • Sing Tao (China)
  • El Mercurio (Chile)
  • Les Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace (France)
  • The Northern Pen (Canada)
  • Valeurs Actuelles (France)
  • Geo (France)
  • BBC Wildlife magazine (England)
  • National Wildlife (USA)
  • International Wildlife (USA)
  • Terre Sauvage (France)
  • Terra (Germany)
  • NaturFoto (Germany)
  • Animan (Switzerland)
  • Grandes Espacios (Spain)
  • Nature's Best (USA)
  • Photo Selection (Canada)
  • Biosphere (Canada)

  • Canadian Geographic (Canada)
  • Canadian Wildlife (Canada)
  • Scarboro Mission magazine (Canada)
  • Sinra (Japan)
  • Your Big Backyard (USA)
  • Australian Women Weekly (Australia)
  • Country Life (England)
  • Birds (England)
  • Alpes Loisirs (France)
  • Grands Reportages (France)
  • Revue du Conseil de l'Europe -Naturopa- (France)
  • Wapiti (France)
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