Photo credit: Véronique Amiard

Philippe Henry is a French photographer based in Quebec since 1994. He became known to the public in 1992 with a first story about the whooper swans of Finland and Iceland.

He is specialized in wildlife and conservation photography. His work in the nordic countries has earned him to be recognized and sponsored by the Society of Explorers and French Voyageurs.

Philippe has covered many wildlife stories for international magazines and his work is distributed by GETTY agency (USA). He was involved in conservation projects in Yukon, Texas, Quebec, Newfoundland and South America.

Philippe Henry is also the author of children's books with the publishing house L'École des Loisirs. His latest book, "The Alligator", published in the collection Archimede, was awarded with "Le prix du Livre Scientifique d’Orsay (France)" and "Le prix de La Science se livre" (Quebec).

In recent years, he continued his photographic work on the Andean bear in Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru and the widlife of Quebec.

Since 2009, he produces wildlife documentaries. DVDs and artprints are available at his online store.
Philippe is presently working on a new wildlife documentary "QUÉBEC, SOUFFLE SAUVAGE". The DVD will be available in 2020.

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